Roadmap to Revenue

Kickstart your sales, gain traction and grow your business on your terms. | taught by Genevieve LeMarchal
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Genevieve LeMarchal
Genevieve LeMarchal
Serial Entrepreneur, early stage VC. Speaker and Mentor.

About the Instructor

I help high performing entrepreneurs to launch, grow and fund their start-ups. Because getting your business to fundable is 80% growth and 20% everything else. I love to work with founders to help make the overwhelming and complicated into something simple and easy. From strategy to execution, my passion is helping founders make it possible. 

Whether you plan to raise funding in the future, or you just want some accountability and to stop spinning your wheels all the time trying to figure things out. Entrepreneurs who join the Co-Pilot Program will find themselves with the clarity they need and help with the exact steps and actions they need, when they need it. I’ll also help equip you with the tools, templates, video tutorials for exactly how to do it. 

I offer you my expertise and experience as a serial entrepreneur turned venture capitalist. Over the past couple years I have mentored, advised or taught over 1,000 entrepreneurs. I’ve seen a lot of success and a lot of failure and know what the day to day and week to week actions are that can cause a business to succeed and make it to the next step, or fail.

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Are you an entrepreneur who is ready to take your product to the world and crush your initial sales goals...but you're not really a sales person? 

If so, this course was created for you.

Sales is the lifeblood of your company, and if you want to be a successful founder and CEO, you've got to learn the ropes. Which means You are your company's first sales person. Before you go running for the hills, hear me out.

If you want to raise money from investors, you've got to make money to raise money. Traction means real customers paying actual money for your product, and real growth that is consistent month in and month out.

Investors will not fund you so that you can go figure out how to get sales. 

They want to see that you have at least a basic system in place to target and prospect to your ideal customers, generate leads, and convert these leads into customers. 

So I'll spare you the spiel. No need to be a broken record and convince you of something that's already been drilled deep into your mind:

If you can raise money, go for it. But customers can give you money now, and you don't have to pay them back.

But if you're more interested in raising a future round successfully, on great terms and without getting screwed over, a sustainable, repeatable sales process and a healthy sales pipeline that is generating consistent revenue for your business is the way to go.

You probably already know that the key to closing your first round is real Traction. 

Real traction is not Letters of Intent (LOI), people telling you they think you have a good idea, or people using your product for free. Real traction is real revenue, which will allow you the FREEDOM and CHOICES to raise on better terms (or not raise at all), not have to race against the clock by extending your burn rate, pay yourself and your team more, and ultimately build the company that you envision, not your investors.  

Scale your business to true profitability and everybody will want in.

Course Contents

14 Videos
6 Texts
12 Audios
40.0 hrs

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